You’ve booked your appointment. You’ve decided how you’d like to style your hair. You swing open the closet doors and …

Are feeling less than inspired.

What do you wear to your headshot session? We’ve got a few ideas!

Casual Looks: Layers are always a great idea for casual looks! Stay away from mixing and matching too many patterns, but be true to your individual style.

I ask that you bring several tops with different necklines to your session. The selection is up to you; however, normally solid colors work best and nothing with very busy patterns or logos. Also, having a variety of styles is recommended, depending on what you are looking for. For example, bringing only tank tops is not recommended.

Some people respond very differently in front of the camera depending on what they are wearing or even the location of the photo. So, don’t be surprised if we mix it up, add a look, etc. It is to get your best, most relaxed shots!

Business Looks: If your office is on the casual side, don’t wear a three-piece suit for your headshots. You want your headshots to reflect your office vibe and philosophy. Is your day-to-day more polished? By all means, dress the part! Again, skip dominating patterns and go for colors that play up your features. Blues and grays are always safe bets.

Accessorize: Do you wear glasses? Bring them! (If you are always seen with your glasses, you must have your headshots done using them. They are part of your personality!) Bring all your pairs. Be sure to clean them and have non reflective ones. We can always do a few shots with them on so you have a variety of looks from which to pick.

In terms of jewelry, keep it simple.  Small/discrete earings should do it. Remember that’s a HEADSHOT. You don’t want distracting objects taking the attention out of your face/expression on the photograph.

Make-Up:  Ladies, keep it natural.  Less is more in the case of headshot photography. Remember, it is easier to apply more make-up than it is to take it off.

Hair: Style your hair as if you are going for an audition or a business meeting. For women with long hair, I like to shoot different looks, both with the hair down and up in a ponytail or bun, so please bring a hair elastic to the shoot.